What’s Next For You?

What’s Next For You?

That’s always the question, isn’t it… What’s Next?

In this time of economic uncertainty, we do wonder, “What’s next?”

Here at iGlobal Freedom, my goal is to bring you resources to shake up your idea of “What’s Next?” choices.

Choices, Decsions, Confusion over the future

What’s Next?

Just as we did with the Adventure Filled Life series, we’re continually looking for people, examples and models, who are challenging the status quo, creating life on their terms.

Today,  I want to share with you two people doing just that. Here’s a short portion of a longer online chat that I thought was really encouraging. —No, sorry, it isn’t kittens getting into boxes, bowls or costumes- though those are definitely cute…

Rather, this bit of affirmation comes from two self-described Baby Boomer (age 50+) entrepreneurs, Patrick Batty of Canada, and Marion Herbertson in the UK,  who have found a way to use their corporate skills (which they note were not tech skills!) to help other “Boomers” figure out a way to create their ideal life at a stage of the game when many think they have no option but to sit on the bench.

We’ve clipped just a few minutes of an hour broadcast. What I wanted you to see is Pat & Marion sharing their thoughts about who we are and what they think this new broadcast project (started in the last year) means in terms of support.

Boomer High’s mission is providing encouragement, mentoring, and opportunity to Baby Boomers around the world, and giving them a marketing vehicle that is appropriate and supported by successful affiliates within their own demographic.

(A quote from Pat’s “Boomer High” blog)

(See Patrick’s blog site at Boomer High)

Here’s what I picked up as Take Aways- (Did you find others that were key for you?):

1.)  Whatever path you choose, be yourself.

  • If you choose to retire and travel, don’t pretend to be a backpacker if what you really need is a soft bed and a private room every night. It will only make you unhappy.
  • True story- when my daughter and I were traveling in Scotland & Ireland, we chose to do hostels. She got the hostel experience, I got a double room… in the attic most of the time.
    Trust me, no college-age backpacker wants to spend his/her gap year adventure listening to somebody’s mom wheezing or snoring all night long.
  • Now that I am remarried, the plans have changed- my new-ish husband says his idea of “roughing it” is the Holiday Inn… to his own self be true!

2.)  There are enough people out there looking for what you can do. Trust yourself  to find them and make that connection.

  • In order to find and connect, you have to show up- put yourself out there where you can be found. Trust yourself to make connections by being authentically you.

3.)  Pick yourself up  one time more than you fall down... or, as Patrick said to Marion, “Just outlive everyone else” – same end result!

  • Give yourself the flexibility to not make the right decision every time. Mistakes are part of learning what works and what doesn’t.

The answer I get when asking, “What’s Next?” is a new contract coming up, continuing to grow as an online business resource, and a conference in Las Vegas next week. The frost is definitely trying to melt!

But, we’re also in the planning stages of “What’s Next” for us for the long-term, so I’m using this little device to help us-

Define–>   Align–>   Streamline–>   Refine…   (repeat)

I need some time to sit down and think of what I want to happen in the next 1-3 years work-wise; plus we need to think about what we want as a couple over the next 5 years. We need to DEFINE our dreams.

Appropriately, each year around Tax time, we discuss what our dreams and plans are and ALIGN our financial strategies to our goals.  Starting my business was a big help to our tax planning because it formalized (and made deductions officially authorized) the expenses I have. Next we need to align our dreams, goals, finances, and projected income to make sure we are putting money where it needs to be, to ensure we are going where we say we want to end up.

Knowing where we want to go, and being aligned in our agreement of where and how, we can now begin to STREAMLINE the surroundings of our life- things we have brought from previous lives may be able to be handed down to kids, donated to others, sold or put to another use. Focus on the goals and anything that doesn’t help you meet the objective, needs to be jettisoned. Remember James & Terri’s mantra: “Downsize, Downsize, Downsize!”

For us it works best to re-visit our progress about quarterly– my husband (a/k/a: the Pack-Rat- not the Rat Pack, though he does love him some Dean Martin!) can do a lot of derailing in three months! He gets caught up in the latest sale or coupon and will end up filling every nook and cranny in this home he has lived in for 30 years… let’s not even go there! We need to continually REFINE the vision, understand the barriers to making it happen, make adjustments (save more, spend less, earn more, waste less) to ensure the dreams we’ve envisioned have a good chance of being attainable over time.

There you have it, folks!

As you think about the strategies we’ve included here today, take time to get clear on what you want, to really understand not only “What’s Next” but what do you WANT to happen next and to get a good picture in your mind about what it’s going to take to get you there.

If it’s more money or more time, maybe a home business is in your future.

geralt / Pixabay

geralt / Pixabay

If it’s more adventure, maybe independent living abroad may appeal to you. Can you see yourself in a new lifestyle?

What’s Next, indeed! Like Patrick and Marion said, “Your only job is to get yourself out there.”

I’ll see you at the intersection of “Opportunity” and “Preparation” very soon!

What’s Next? Chris Jones…Small Wins Lead To Bigger Wins

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