What Would $5K-$10K Extra Income Each Month Allow You To Do?

Life SouvenirsWatching home-business fan Rhonda Swan recently talk about video blogging, she challenged each of us to start connecting with our communities using our own story- that’s something we can do, she said.

I admit, with my job as a communications specialist, that should have been easy, but, well, not so much.

Truth is, I struggle just like you do when it comes to what to say and to share it in a way that everyone can relate to. Maybe like me, you’re wondering how to launch your home business, wondering how you will build enough traffic? Or you struggle to think of compelling opening story, wondering if anyone will listen?

I wondered what I had to say? I was married, a mom, worked for a big company and lived in our own home in the suburbs. I was almost 40 and had never done anything unexpected. I always felt vaguely unfulfilled. There was no passion in my work, no consuming fire. The truth is, I just didn’t feel like I was making any difference.

Until one New Year’s week my boss asked me to join a new group at work. That really challenged me. I eventually went overseas to open a new company office abroad, and I happened to meet the people trying to get these new jobs. I knew then that I had found my niche!

Training young people, helping them get jobs with the international companies, and enabling them to support their extended families was so rewarding. I spent the next 10 years overseas. I never got tired of helping others… and that feeling has never left me.

Now that I am back in the USA, I work on government projects here (for now). But this time I know where I’m going and what I need to get there: I need to earn enough to help others, to teach job skills to people who want to qualify for better paying jobs. That’s my passion. My vision is to use this business as a way to make extra income so I can be there when someone needs help, whether a family member or a cause I want to support. I don’t want to have to worry about what I’m taking money from in order to help someone who needs a lift. Wouldn’t that be great?

Now, with the iPAS2 and Empower Network partnership system I have found a framework- a franchise-style system, if you will- that allows me to generate all income I need. What would an extra $5k-$10k each month enable you to do?

I created iGlobal Freedom to share the story about making this dream possible, about having the freedom to help others, anywhere in the world. Today I’m looking for $5-$10k. Tomorrow? Who knows!

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Would you like to have the ability to chart your own future? With this turn key franchise-style business system, you can! You can create your own freedom and support your passions, wherever they happen to take you.

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These claims do not make a guarantee for your success.
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