10 Blog Ideas Your Readers Will Love You For Writing

10 Blog Ideas Your Readers Will Love You For Writing
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10 Blog Posts Your Readers Will Love You for Writing

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers build such a loyal following and have so many readers eagerly awaiting their next blog post?

It’s because they’ve cracked the code on how to create content their audience LOVES… And once you crack that code, you’ll find you have not only loyal readers, but an audience who’s excited about learning from you, working with you, and that generates sales in your business!

It’s that simple.

Here’s how you do that:

Answer their questions and solve their problems.

Your readers will be extremely excited at the idea of you sharing ‘insider’ information with them that feels personal, but is also tailored to them – their experiences, their problems – and contains the solutions they so desperately want and need.

You may also find that many people will be more likely to buy from you during this time, and might be sending you messages rapidly looking to connect with you even more based on your posts.

Here Are the 10 Post Subjects:

Try one of these blog posts ideas-
write it with the idea in mind of providing useful ideas, tips, tricks and resources… Provide a solution!

  1. Helpful websites you use frequently
  2. Top tools you’ve found useful and how to use them (Show them).
  3. A blog post (or round up of blog posts) you recently read and learned from.
  4. Share what you’re learning right now (ideas: from an event you’ve attended, a webcast,
    a training program)
  5. Share a recent success – and exactly what you did that worked.
  6. Share a failure from the past – and what you learned in the process.
  7. Write about how you start your day that helps you get the right things done.  
  8. Write about how you end your day and celebrate successes.
  9. Share your best tested strategies (examples: management or productivity tips and tricks, how you get energized and stay focused).
  10. A recent problem you solved and how you solved it (make sure it’s something they can relate to).

Looking forward to your new posts, and let me know what you come up with!

To your Success!

– EN

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